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Somalia: Somalians Face Rushed Beheadings for Suspicion of Conversion to Christianity

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest January 26, 2017

Somalia: Somalia's Shabaab seize third town this month after peacekeepers withdraw

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - October 24, 2016

Somalia: Somali woman killed for not wearing veil, relatives say (BBC)

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - July 30, 2014

Somalia: Shabab militants storm Somalia presidential compound (LA Times)

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - July 09, 2014

Somalia: Islamist rebels in Somalia kill three as Ramadan starts (Reuters)

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - June 30, 2014

Somalia: Somalia's al-Shabab militants impose dress code (BBC)

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - June 16, 2014

Somalia: Somali Islamists attack hotel in central region (Reuters)

Taken from USCIRF Daily News Digest - March 19, 2014

World: Freedom to choose, change or renounce religion or belief

Eight countries provide for death penalty in case of change of religion

Why Terrorists are after Africa’s Christians

WEA-RLC Research and Analysis Report - 5/2012

Soamlia: Somali Christians Find Danger Follows Them to Kenya

Hostility toward converts from Islam shadows refugees to neighboring country ...

Somali mother of four slaughtered for her faith

Al Shabaab militants carry out ritual slaying of Christian found to be 'apostate'

Somali Mother of Four Slaughtered for her Faith

A mother of four was killed for her Christian faith on Jan. 7 on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia by Islamic extremists from al Shabaab militia, a relative said

Somalia, Kenya and the Dispersed Somalis

Since Ethiopia withdrew its forces in January 2009, virtually all southern Somalia has fallen under the control of a Taliban-style, al- Qaeda-backed Islamic fundamentalist group called al-Shabaab.

Somalia: A Fiery Furnace, yet Christ is there

It is very easy to despair over Somalia as being no more than a land of war, chaos, lawlessness, hopelessness, tribalism, barbarism and Islam. The international community and the mainstream media seem...